Care Learning

Care Learning has a focus on workforce development for the health and social care sector. We believe people who work in the sector should have free care learning and resources.

Health and Social Care Focus Blog

This collection of articles on health and social care is a valuable resource. It aims to educate, inform, and inspire those wanting to boost their knowledge in the sector.Whether you are new to the job or an experienced professional, you will find something useful here.

Care Sector News

Staying informed about the latest trends in health and social care is crucial. Medical advancements, political decisions, funding changes, and public health measures all impact adult social care and healthcare.We collect key stories and deliver them directly to you.

Care Certificate Guides

The Care Certificate is crucial for growth in health and social care. It helps workers stay updated on regulations, safety standards, and best practices while enhancing their ability to support others.

Careers in Care

Working in health and social care is rewarding. It gives you the chance to make a big impact on people, families, and communities. Our guides provide helpful information for anyone thinking about a career in this field.

Is Care Learning free to access?

Yes, everything on our website is free to access. There are no hidden costs.

How do I login to Care Learning?

To login to Care Learning visit our login page. Registration will be available shortly for health and social care workers.

Why was Care Learning created?

Care Learning was setup to provide free training, resources and news to the health and social care sector. We are passionate about the sector and our contribution can help the sector and those working in it.

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