Care Certificate 1.1b Answers

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Care Certificate Standard 1 Activity 1.1b ensures that you are familiar with the foundational standards of your profession as a care worker. The Care Certificate provides a clear set of standards that social care and health workers adhere to in their daily working life, while the Code of Conduct establishes the practices and behaviours expected from those in care roles.

The aim here is to list specific points or principles found within these frameworks that relate to your role. These are not exhaustive but provide an overview of the areas covered by the standards.

The list for the Care Certificate standards might include:

  • Understand your own role and responsibilities
  • Uphold the respect and dignity of individuals
  • Ensure the privacy of the individuals you support
  • Work in a way that improves the safety and quality of care
  • Communicate effectively to support health and well-being

The Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England might include key points, such as:

  • Protecting the rights and promote the interests of individuals and carers
  • Establishing and maintaining the trust and confidence of individuals and carers
  • Promoting independence while protecting individuals from harm and danger
  • Respecting the confidences of individuals and keeping their information secure
  • Commitment to self-improvement through continuous learning and reflection

In your work as a care worker, it is expected that you integrate these standards into your care practices.

You’re not only providing personal care, but also ensuring that you do so with respect for each individual’s autonomy, privacy, and rights. Engaging with others professionally, maintaining confidentiality, and improving your professional knowledge and competence are all part of upholding both the Care Certificate standards and the Code of Conduct.

Remember, these standards serve as a guiding framework to ensure high-quality care and support while fostering a safe and empowering environment for both care workers and service users.

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