Care Certificate Standard 1 – Activity 1.2c Answer

Here are some examples and descriptions of your rights and responsibilities in each area to answer Care Certificate Standard 1 – Activity 1.2c Answer.

It’s imperative to emphasise the importance of working according to methods and policies agreed upon with your employer. These “agreed ways of working” are set out to ensure that care is delivered in a consistent, safe, effective, and lawful manner. They are typically documented in organisational policies, protocols, contracts, and care plans specific to your role as a care worker.

Example of an Agreed Way of Working:

One agreed way of working in my workplace involves adhering to the medication management protocol. This means following the correct procedures for administering, recording, storing, and disposing of medication.

Working within this protocol is crucial for many reasons.


Ensuring the correct dosage and timing of medication reduces the risk of adverse reactions or overdoses, safeguarding the health and safety of the service users.


When everyone adheres to the same protocol, it creates an efficient workflow with fewer errors and misunderstandings.


Proper medication management is a regulatory requirement, with adherence to the protocols ensuring legal compliance and protecting against potential liability for both myself and the organisation.

Professional Standards

It maintains high professional standards of care and shows a commitment to best practice, which is essential for the reputation of the care provider.

Confidence and Trust

It builds trust between the service users, their families, and the care staff when there is confidence that care is delivered safely and according to standards.

For a care worker, understanding why it’s important to follow these agreed ways of working is just as critical as knowing the procedures themselves. This understanding ensures that you are not only carrying out your duties, but you are doing so with the knowledge of how they fit into the broader context of quality care and service delivery.