Bipolar Disorder: Charities and Organisations

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Bipolar UK

Bipolar UK is the only charity devoted to providing support for individuals and families living with bipolar disorder. They offer a comprehensive service by facilitating over 85 peer-support groups, moderating an eCommunity of 11,000 members, providing telephone and email one-to-one peer support, as well as having resources and information on our website used by over 360,000 people yearly.

Their mission is rooted in confronting the struggles of bipolar disorder in the 21st century—affecting over one million people in the UK, approximately 1 in 50. On top of this, it takes an average of 9.5 years to get a correct diagnosis and 56% of people affected by bipolar receive no treatment or support. In light of these realities, they strive to give those impacted by bipolar access to the specialist care they need and deserve, while also ensuring that all individuals can live well and reach their full potential.

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Bipolar Scotland

Scotland’s Bipolar Charity is dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling life for all those living with the disorder in the country. Through their strategic plan, “A Time To Move Forward,” spanning 2021-2026, they strive to pursue our vision of providing equal rights and opportunity. Operating as a membership organisation with a board of directors elected each year at their Annual General Meeting, they are committed to aiding their members through peer support and advocacy.

Formed in December 1992 by Dr. Margaret Thomas and other volunteers in recognition of the benefits of self-help groups, Bipolar Scotland has been dedicated to user-led operations since its inception. Now under the direction of our Chief Executive and Senior Management Team, who both joined them in 2002, they have continued 30 years of strong progression towards our core mission of peer support and self-management.

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The UK’s leading charity for the mental health of children and young people, are devoted to establishing a world where no youth feels isolated and unsupported with their mental wellness. They intend to guarantee every minor is supplied the vital mental health support they need in a timely manner, regardless of their circumstances. To discover more information on them, our mission, and what we aspire to achieve, please visit their website. To keep mental health issues among the younger generations from escalating to an intolerable level, they strive to provide prompt help. Every single young person who falls into a crisis because of inadequate mental health support has simply been let down. They understand that the quicker access to help is given, the higher the chances of stifling risky crises.

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