What is a Activities Worker?

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An Activities Worker, also known as an Activities Coordinator or Activities Assistant, creates and implementing a range of recreational and social activities for groups such as older adults, children, or those with disabilities or special needs.

What Do They Do

Activities Workers plan, organise, and lead activities designed to enhance the well-being and quality of life of their clients. These may include arts and crafts, exercise sessions, music and dance, outings, educational classes, or special events.

Where Would You Work

They often work in settings such as residential care homes, nursing homes, community centres, day centres, schools, or with charities that support specific groups of individuals.

What Qualifications Do You Need

Formal qualifications aren’t always required, but relevant ones include:

  • NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Health and Social Care
  • BTEC in Health and Social Care
  • Relevant NVQ or SVQ in Activity Leadership Some employers may ask for qualifications in event planning or recreation management.

What Skills Are Needed

Key skills include creativity, strong communication, organisational skills, leadership, patience, adaptability, and a genuine interest in promoting social interaction and engaging activities for diverse groups.

How Do I Become One

  1. Gain experience through volunteering or working in support roles within care settings.
  2. Pursue relevant qualifications or training programs in health and social care or activity planning.
  3. Look for job openings in care homes, community centres, or similar settings that offer activity programs.
  4. Develop specific skills through workshops or courses related to recreational activities.

Reasons To Become

Motivations might include a passion for enhancing lives through engagement, creativity in planning and executing a variety of events and activities, the joy of social interaction, and the fulfilment from improving clients’ mental and physical health.

Who Would I Work With

Activities Workers often collaborate with care staff, healthcare professionals like occupational therapists, volunteers, families of clients, and outside vendors or entertainers who may come into the facility to provide services.

How Much Could You Earn

Starting salaries for Activities Workers can be around £17K to £20K per year. With experience and additional responsibilities, salaries can increase from around £20K to £25K. Senior roles with extensive experience or management responsibilities may earn more.

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