What is a Housing Support Officer?

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A Housing Support Officer, also known as a Housing Support Worker or Housing Officer, assists individuals or families in accessing and maintaining suitable housing. They provide guidance, support, and advocacy to those facing housing challenges or homelessness.

What Do They Do

Housing Support Officers assess housing needs, help clients find suitable accommodation, advise on tenancy agreements and rights, offer support with budgeting and financial management, assist with housing benefit applications, and liaise with landlords or housing providers.

Where Would You Work

Housing Support Officers can work in various settings, including housing associations, local authorities, homeless shelters, community organisations, or charities focused on housing and homelessness.

What Qualifications Do You Need

While specific qualifications may vary depending on the employer, relevant qualifications or experience in areas such as housing, social work, or community development are often preferred. Knowledge of housing law and local policies is beneficial.

What Skills Are Needed

Key skills for Housing Support Officers include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, empathy, problem-solving abilities, organisational skills, knowledge of housing regulations and resources, and the ability to work effectively with diverse individuals and communities.

How Do I Become One

  1. Pursue relevant education or training in housing-related fields.
  2. Gain experience in housing-related roles or volunteering with organisations that support individuals facing housing challenges.
  3. Stay updated with current housing regulations and policies.
  4. Apply for positions within housing associations, local authorities, or other relevant organisations.

Reasons To Become

Reasons may include a passion for social justice, helping vulnerable individuals secure safe and stable housing, making a positive impact on communities, and promoting equality in access to housing.

Who Would I Work With

Housing Support Officers collaborate with a range of professionals, including social workers, housing providers, local authorities, charities, support workers, and other community organizations involved in housing and homelessness support.

How Much Could You Earn

Salaries for Housing Support Officers vary depending on location, employer, and experience. In the UK, entry-level salaries can range from £18K to £23K per year. With experience and progression into senior roles, salaries can reach around £25K to £35K per year or higher for managerial positions.

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