What is a Shared Lives Worker?

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What is a Shared Lives Worker

A Shared Lives Worker supports adults with disabilities, mental health problems, or other needs that make it difficult for them to live on their own by sharing their home and family life with them.

What Do They Do

Shared Lives Workers provide a supportive family environment, helping with daily activities, personal care, social integration, and encouraging independence. They often tailor support to the individual’s personal development and well-being.

Where Would You Work

A Shared Lives Worker typically works from their own home, which is assessed and approved by a Shared Lives scheme, ensuring it’s a suitable environment for care.

What Qualifications Do You Need

No formal qualifications are required to start. However, vetting by a Shared Lives scheme is mandatory, which includes an application process, home checks, training, and DBS clearance.

What Skills Are Needed

Essential skills include strong interpersonal abilities, patience, adaptability, emotional resilience, a caring nature, and the capability to offer stability and support in a shared living arrangement.

How Do I Become One

  1. Contact your local Shared Lives scheme.
  2. Complete the application process including interviews and home assessments.
  3. Attend all required training provided by the scheme.
  4. Undergo necessary background checks.
  5. Match with an individual who fits well with your home environment.

Reasons To Become

Reasons might be a desire to make a tangible difference in someone’s life, forming meaningful relationships, working from home, and being part of a community that values social care.

Who Would I Work With

Shared Lives Workers typically collaborate with local authorities, social workers, healthcare professionals, and the support network of the person in their care.

How Much Could You Earn

Earnings vary widely based on how many individuals you support and the level of care they require. Payment is often a fixed amount per week per individual supported, with additional allowances for extra support needs. Full-time Shared Lives Workers can earn between £20K to £30K per year.

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