Dita Consulting

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Tilbury Riverside Arts Activity Centre, Ferry Road, Tilbury, RM18 7NJ
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Dita Consulting, established in 2004, is a passionate company that offers Training, Recruitment, and Consultancy Services to clients in the United Kingdom and worldwide. They have state-of-the-art facilities and a team of fully qualified staff dedicated to delivering professional services to a diverse clientele. Dita Consulting serves clients at every level of their organization, acting as trusted advisors to top management or hands-on coaches. They continuously seek new and better ways to serve their clients, adapting to their evolving needs.

Dita Consulting provides a range of services including Training Services covering areas such as Health and Social Care, IT, ICT, Computer Training & Consultancy, as well as Public Health & Other Related Training Courses. Their Consultancy Services focus on Public Health, Occupational Health Services & Related Specialism, IT Technical Consultancy Services, and Health and Safety Consultancy Services. Additionally, Dita Consulting offers Recruitment Services, Policies and Procedures Compliance, Health Care and Medical Product Supplies Services, and Tutorial Services.

With a commitment to doing the right thing at the right time, Dita Consulting has garnered praise for their exemplary efforts throughout the recruitment process and the quality of their training programs. Clients appreciate the innovative, flexible, and cost-effective services provided by Dita Consulting, helping them to stay productive, competitive, and profitable in today’s dynamic business environment.