Focus Games Ltd

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309 The White Studios, Templeton Business Centre , Glasgow, G40 1DA
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Focus Games is a company dedicated to enhancing learning and training experiences in the health and social care sectors through the innovative use of board games. Their approach leverages the engaging and interactive nature of tabletop games to educate players on complex topics within these fields.

The company’s products cater to various levels of expertise, from novices to seasoned professionals, ensuring that there’s something valuable for everyone involved in health and social care. These board games are designed with input from experts to ensure that the content is not only accurate but also relevant to current practices and guidelines.

One of their notable offerings is “The Drug Round Game,” which simulates the process of administering medications in a healthcare setting. This game covers important themes, such as drug calculations, identifying adverse reactions, and ensuring proper medication protocols are followed. It helps players improve their attention to detail and gain confidence in their ability to manage medication safely.

Another popular Focus Game is “The Infection Control Game,” created to raise awareness about infection prevention and control best practices among healthcare workers. This game touches upon critical aspects like hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and isolation procedures. By playing this game, participants can better understand their role in preventing hospital-acquired infections while learning in an engaging environment.

“The Communication Game” aims to improve communication skills among health and social care staff by simulating challenging conversations with patients or family members. Players develop empathy, learn about effective listening techniques, and explore barriers that could impede understanding within a healthcare context.

Focus Games also develops customised game solutions for organisations with specific training needs. They collaborate closely with clients to create unique educational tools that meet precise objectives—whether it’s about familiarising staff with new equipment or procedures or promoting team-building exercises.

Furthermore, Focus Games acknowledge the shift towards digital education platforms by offering online versions of some board games or apps that supplement physical gameplay. This hybrid approach caters to the contemporary leanings toward e-learning while still emphasising human-to-human interaction crucial in health and social care education.

By providing a break from traditional didactic methods like lectures or slide presentations, Focus Games make learning more memorable. Their games promote discussion among players, allowing them not only to quiz each other’s knowledge but also share personal experiences and insights—a feature often missing from solo learning endeavours.

Through comprehensive gameplay mechanics—such as question cards, scenario-based challenges, role-playing elements—and the inclusion of competitive yet cooperative gaming structures; these board games have proved effective teaching tools for institutions worldwide, including hospitals, universities, community health teams, nursing homes, etc.

Using Focus Games’ products for teaching essential knowledge aligns well with adult learning theories that suggest active participation aids retention far more than passive observation. When employed correctly within educational settings for health professionals at any stage in their career path – whether it be initial training or continuing professional development – these immersive board games serve as catalysts for enhanced comprehension around otherwise technical subject matter without compromising on fun or engagement levels during sessions meant for skill development.