Finders Keepers the Adult Social Care Sector Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

The toolkit offers a comprehensive guide for adult social care employers seeking to enhance their recruitment and retention strategies. With insights from 140 employers who boast low turnover rates, the toolkit underscores the importance of attracting, recruiting, and retaining staff committed to delivering high-quality, person-centred care.

The toolkit is accessible online, providing a plethora of resources to support employers through the website It features a values-based recruitment section at, which is especially instrumental for those aiming to integrate core values and behaviours into their hiring process.

Employers are encouraged to adopt innovative approaches and to craft recruitment adverts that resonate with individuals whose values align with those required in adult social care. The toolkit also advises on offering competitive pay and fostering a workplace culture where employees feel appreciated and supported.

To help employers navigate the challenge of filling an estimated 275,000 jobs by 2025, the toolkit provides guidance on leveraging online platforms, social media, and community networks for effective recruitment. It emphasises the significance of values-based interviews, involving service users in the selection process, and offering work experience to identify the right candidates.

For developing staff talents and skills, the toolkit suggests investing in learning and development programmes, initiating mentorship schemes, and promoting a continuous learning environment. It also highlights the link between staff retention and care quality, noting that employers rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) tend to have lower staff turnover rates.

Overall, the toolkit presents a strategic approach to recruitment and retention, equipping employers with the tools to not only attract but also develop and keep a dedicated workforce capable of providing exceptional care.