Job Roles in Health and Social Care: Real-life Stories

There are so many job roles in health and social care. In this article, we will provide some real-life stories from people working in them.

Working in social care is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering variety and fulfilment. Social care workers deliver specialist support to vulnerable individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, whether through providing home care services or by helping those in crisis. Social workers use their knowledge and skills to assess the needs of each individual and develop tailored strategies for them to receive the help they require.

The roles in social care also differ. From providing companionship and emotional support to learning how to use adaptive equipment like wheelchairs and prosthetics, there are many skills you can develop. You might offer emotional support or a listening ear; run workshops, or even manage budgets or case loads. Whatever your skill set, there is a place for it in social care.

No two days are the same with working in social care; the roles range from direct support workers to frontline family support workers and everything in between. This variability makes working in social care an exciting and satisfying career path. You will carry out meaningful work that directly changes people’s lives, leaving a lasting impact on those they serve.

Activities Worker

As an activities worker, I play an important role in providing care and support to those who need it.

Every day I aim to bring joy, belonging and engagement to the lives of my clients by organising exciting and meaningful social activities for them. From organising trips to the museum or theatre to setting up game nights and art classes, no activity is too big or small – my mission is to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone I work with.

My goal is to bring people together, encourage a sense of community and boost confidence and wellbeing. With each activity I come up with, I strive to make sure that each person I work with feels empowered and engaged in our shared experiences.

Rehabilitation Worker

As a rehabilitation worker, I am committed to helping individuals gain the skills and support they need to live independently.

My role is to assist clients with any issues they may face after an illness or accident affects their life, whether that’s housing, finances, social activities or gaining general life skills.

Making sure each client has access to the right resources and help is paramount in making sure independence is achieved at a comfortable pace.

It’s my job to ensure clear pathways of help are in place for each person, so that the transition back into everyday life is both smooth and achievable. Finally, it is also important for me to remind each client that their journey doesn’t have to be done alone – I’m here to help.

Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant is a rewarding and fulfilling role. It involves supporting an individual to live as independently as possible, often in the comfort of their own home or within the local community.

My job is to provide practical advice and help on a range of topics including managing finances, applying for welfare benefits,safety needs, companionship, medical appointments and other activities of daily living.

I strive to provide emotional support through listening, offering affirmation, and encouraging self-advocacy. By empowering individuals with the skills to lead a happy and fulfilled life, I have been able to make a positive difference in countless people’s lives.

Care Worker

As a care worker, my job is to provide comprehensive support for individuals in need.

I help with all aspects of everyday living, from physical activities like manoeuvring wheelchairs and providing help with mobility, to helping people with their personal hygiene, socialising, and mealtimes.

I ensure that all my clients receive the care and attention they need to live with dignity and independence.

My role includes providing emotional support, companionship and practical advice, all tailored to each individual’s needs, while also maintaining clear communication with any other professionals involved in their care.

With my commitment and dedication, I am confident that I can make a positive difference in the lives of those I serve.

Advocacy Worker

As an advocacy worker, I am committed to ensuring that the voices of the most vulnerable are heard. Through advocating on their behalf, I strive to create a space where people feel safe and confident, speaking up for what they need and want.

My mission is to empower individuals and ensure that all decisions made about them are based on the best interests of not just themselves but also their families, communities, and country.

I understand how important it is to provide support and resources to those who are often left unheard and unrecognised; to ensure that they are respected and their rights upheld in all situations.

In my practice, I provide research-based evidence and analysis when engaging in advocacy roles so that those who seek my help can be informed and decide with certainty.

My commitment is ultimately to bridge the gap between disadvantaged individuals and those in positions of power, so that together we can work towards creating a better world for everyone.

Shared Lives Worker

As a shared lives carer, I open up my home and family life to someone who needs extra care and support. It might be full time, with them living with us, or just for a few hours a week visiting.

Each situation is unique and we work together to find the right support that suits everyone.

It’s an immensely rewarding experience, and it’s been incredible to see how much of a difference my presence in their life can make. Not only do they benefit from the companionship and security that comes from having somebody around all the time, but I get to learn new things too.

Caring for others is an incredibly fulfilling way to live; it’s so rewarding to help someone else reach their potential. By working as a team and understanding each other’s strengths, we can help make a real difference in someone’s life.

Registered Manager

As the Registered manager oversee the day-to-day operations of the organisation in order to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.

I keep a close eye on CQC regulations and quality of care, safeguarding the health and safety of everyone who operates under my jurisdiction.

Not only do I have to manage budgets and contracts, but also ensure that our services meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

My job is to provide extensive leadership to the team, creating an environment where everyone can thrive and work together towards a common goal: providing the best level of care to those who need it.

Deputy Manager

As Deputy Manager of the care team, I’m responsible for inspiring and enabling our staff to deliver excellent results.

I assist the Manager in developing our service strategy and ensure that it is being implemented effectively.

My role involves leading team meetings, creating action plans, providing guidance to my colleagues, and evaluating performance regularly.

To ensure that our standards remain high, I monitor and manage compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

I’m also available to provide both practical and emotional support to the members of my team when needed. I strive to create an environment where excellence can thrive and people can grow.

Specialist Co-ordinator

As a specialist coordinator, I am passionate about helping those in need, particularly in areas such as dementia and end-of-life care.

My role is to ensure that all staff are trained appropriately and policies are properly implemented. This involves taking the time to listen and understand my client’s stories and needs. I also stay up-to-date on current training methods and best practice.

My job is not only to ensure the highest quality of care possible, but also to build relationships with those who entrust me with their lives.

I take my responsibilities seriously, which is why I strive to go beyond the basics with providing the best care for my clients – no matter how challenging their situation may be.


As a supervisor, I take my responsibility to ensure the highest quality of care for the people we support seriously.

My job is to coordinate and manage the team, lead by example, and be an advocate for our clients, while serving as a coach and mentor when needed.

My role involves working closely with the rest of the care staff to review each person’s individual needs in order to ensure they are receiving the services they need in line with their preferences and wishes. This requires having excellent interpersonal skills such as active listening, problem-solving and communication, as well as providing feedback and support to the team members when necessary.

With careful management and supervision, I strive to foster a positive working environment to guarantee the best outcome for all involved.

Social Prescriber

As a Social Prescriber, my job is to help people in my community access the non-medical support they need to improve their wellbeing. I believe that by connecting people with the right resources, we can tackle social isolation and provide a holistic approach to managing health issues.

My role requires me to gain an understanding of the needs of the individual and their local community, as well as to foster relationships between GPs and other service providers, such as voluntary and community groups. By doing this, I can identify the most appropriate services for individuals and make well-informed recommendations about how best to support them.

I understand that for those living with long-term conditions or facing mental health issues, it’s difficult to access the help they need. I strive to work closely with patients and create tailored solutions that are both practical and effective.

By joining all the pieces of the puzzle, I can enable people to take control of their own health and wellbeing.


As a Trainer, I specialise in educating and developing staff to become experts in their fields.

With my assessor qualification in health and social care, I am equipped to assess the skills and competencies of learners in both classroom-based and on-the-job environments.

When delivering training sessions, my aim is to equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to become more effective in their roles.

By assigning assignments that apply to their daily jobs, I help learners to actively apply what they’ve learnt in real-world contexts.

My goal is to ensure that all learners have an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience while meeting their learning objectives.

Housing Support Officer

As a housing support officer, I strive to help ensure people remain in their homes and live independently.

My job involves advising and support on a variety of housing-related topics, from understanding tenancy rights to finding resources for repairs.

I am knowledgeable about the various forms of social housing and how they can help individuals who require financial aid or access to specialist services.

I work with other professionals such as healthcare providers and welfare officers to ensure clients get the best possible outcome.

My approach is always tailored to the individual’s needs, helping them to navigate their current situation and making sure they have the support they need in the future.

Volunteer Coordinator

As a Volunteer Coordinator, I’m passionate about helping people get involved and make a positive difference.

My role involves finding and managing volunteers for an organisation or location, and I provide an environment in which volunteers from all walks of life feel welcomed and appreciated.

I use my excellent communication skills to recruit, orientate and support volunteers, and make sure they are offered the guidance and resources they need to carry out their tasks with ease.

I’m dedicated to monitoring the progress of our volunteers, ensuring that all necessary training is provided, and keeping up-to-date records on all volunteer activities. With my commitment, I’m proud to help others give back to the community.


As an administrator, I am in charge of managing the day-to-day running of the organisation.

My role includes working closely with finance, HR, and marketing departments to support their operations.

I also coordinate projects and provide administrative assistance wherever needed.

With my attention to detail and organisational skills, I make sure that all necessary tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

My knowledge of the industry allows me to stay up-to-date on changes in the sector and adapt my strategies accordingly. By optimising processes, I contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Maintenance Worker

As a maintenance worker, I take pride in making sure homes and sheltered housing are well-cared for.

With an eye for detail, I inspect buildings and identify issues before they become bigger problems. From checking roofs and chimneys to repairing plumbing fixtures and doors, my work helps keep these dwellings safe and secure for their occupants.

Through regular maintenance checks, I’m able to ensure that any issues are quickly addressed before they can cause major damage.

By performing the essential upkeep that is part of my job, I feel confident arriving at the end of each day knowing that I’ve done my part to keep people’s homes operational and functioning safely.


As a driver, my job is to provide dependable and safe transport for people who need care and support.

Whether they are attending a day centre or hospital appointments, it’s important to ensure that they get to their destination safely and on time – I’m proud to do my part in ensuring this.

I always take the precautions, such as adhering to speed limits, obeying all traffic regulations, and avoiding busy areas where possible.

I also ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the journey – offering help with getting in and out of the car, conversational support if required, and prompt service upon arrival.

It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have contributed to their health and wellbeing, even just in a small way.


As a housekeeper, it is my responsibility to ensure that the living environment in a residential home is kept safe, tidy, and clean. This includes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning windows and mirrors, dusting and polishing surfaces, washing dishes and tidying away any clutter.

In order to keep the space aesthetically pleasing, there may also be some light gardening or other basic caretaking tasks, such as checking smoke detectors are in working order.

It is important for me to take time to understand the lives of the people I’m caring for and their individual needs when carrying out these duties.

My role is not just about cleaning; it is also about creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for everyone who lives in the home.


As a cook, my focus is on preparing, cooking, and serving delicious and nutritious meals to the people in our care.

I make sure that everyone’s dietary requirements are catered for and that all nutritional needs are met. It is with an experienced eye I ensure everything runs smoothly – from preparing ingredients to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

I strive to provide a high-quality service to every client, answering questions and offering advice with patient attentiveness.

Every day brings new challenges, but I take great pleasure in making sure that everyone enjoyed their meal.

I am passionate about providing nourishing and flavourful food in a comfortable and supportive environment.